quinta-feira, 11 de outubro de 2012

Biogeografia das áreas secas da Australia

Apresentação / Discussão com o Dr Adam Stow - Macquarie University - Australia
Dia 16 de outubro, terça feira, 15hs - Auditorio do BADPI - INPA Campus 2

Dr Adam Stow

Senior Lecturer Biology, Macquarie University

 Research Interests

My research is directed towards three broad themes, conservation genetics, evolutionary processes and molecular ecology and most projects contain elements from each of these. During my career in biology I have focused my attention on animals, both vertebrate and invertebrate in both marine and terrestrial environments. I have found molecular markers to be invaluable tools and I apply their use to most of my questions. Interests in marine biology include genetic structuring and dispersal patterns in sharks, including grey nurse shark and gummy sharks along with work on the Australian Sealion. Research themes in the terrestrial environment include functional genomics and behavioural ecology, antimicrobial defense and the evolution of sociality and climate change and conservation in Australia’s arid regions. Terrestrial organisms studied include numerous species of reptile, a few mammals and birds and several invertebrate taxa including beetles, wasps, bees and thrips. Just about all of my work is collaborative; most of my regular research companions can be identified in my publication list.